“I wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I am with the job you did adding LINE-X to my pickups and trailers.

Our trucks and trailers are on display on a regular basis; Sport Truck with Line-X Spray On Bedliner
Custom Sport Truck with Line-X Bedliner but when they are not at a race or a show, they are being used for work at our various businesses. I had never even considered adding a protective coating to my equipment. Now that LINE-X bedliners have been installed in the trucks and LINE-X applied to the floors of the trailers, I am truly impressed with how good they look. The trucks can be used all day to haul things, cleaned up and then used to pull a car trailer. The trailers get lots of traffic in them but the LINE-X on the floor makes them look clean and neat all the time.

You have a great product and I was pleased with your service. You were no nonsense and straight forward. The trucks and trailers came back looking great and your service was excellent. Thank you for a job well done. I will definitely recommend your product to my friends.”

Mario Andretti
Nazareth, PA

“Let me give a warm thank you to JOHN and his team at TRI-COUNTY LINE-X in N. CHARLESTON, SC. About a year ago I came in with my 04 Silverado 1500 with the intent to just gain knowledge about the world of spray-in’s and left with a better looking truck. They reassured me that I was doing the best thing and my husband (who was overseas at the time) was going to love it. I really was impressed with how it looked, the price, and most of all how well everyone treated me.

Now a year later we went to the dealership to trade in for a 2500 HD.

The dealer made it known to us more than once that it was the best spray job he had ever seen and that our trade in value went up tremendously because it was sprayed and very well done. I didn’t think twice about making the trip from Tampa, FL to Charleston, SC to have John and his team impress me again. True to their customer service the moment I walked back in they greeted me with a warm “we remember you”, and again I left with a better looking truck. I convinced my mother to get her GMC 3500 sprayed for my dad (who is in Afghanistan) and there is no doubt they will take care of her truck. I have to say the product is great, but if it weren’t for the guys providing knowledge, enthusiasm, and great customer service, I wouldn’t have known just how awesome LINE-X is.”

Laura Holliday – Tampa, FL

“I just want to say that as a customer, for anything you buy, two things always stand out when the business is done: customer service and the product. I’ve just had my first experience with LINE-X of San Antonio. Questions were answered, technicians and office staff were polite and friendly, and the end product is trully professional. I not only had my truck bed sprayed but also added my toolbox. What an upgrade. I will be back and I will promote LINE-X of San Antonio to anyone I can… Oh yeah, did I mention the lifetime warranty? keep up the good customer service…the LINE-X liner will speak for itself!”

T-Man – San Antonio

“I picked up my new Ram about 3 weeks ago and I too had the bed liner dilemma. Spray-in vs. drop-in. Keep in mind this truck is my first new vehicle, so I wanted it done right. Then my uncle told me about LINE-X. I had never heard of it, unlike the xyz liner which is pretty popular. I called my local LINE-X dealer and boy did I ask for it. He gave a 10 minute sermon on why I should go with LINE-X. I was even more impressed because he did it without bashing the competition. Well, yesterday I had it done and when I saw the finished product my jaw dropped. It looks incredible, no flaws or mistakes. These guys did a fantastic job. I’ve seen [xyz liners] and they’re OK, but what these guys did with the LINE-X is pure art!”

Matt G. – Naperville, IL

“Just wanted to let you know that since 1996 I have had 4 pickup trucks sprayed with your LINE-X liner and have never had one scratch of any kind. Just had a new 2001 Ford F150 Super Crew Cab sprayed this week.”

Bill M. – Carthage, TX

“I called LINE-X of Baltimore and spoke to Ben. He was pleasant, informative and an excellent representative for your product. We set up the appointment (they do Saturdays after April 1st, so this meant no down time for me from work) and because of the chance for rain I called and rescheduled for an earlier day that week. Ben told me “No Problem”. I showed up at noon, interrupted lunch, introduced myself to the owner, Mike, and he immediately proceeded to discuss the work I wanted done. Besides the standard application, I explained that I also wanted a three to four inch section of the face of the tailgate done, along the bottom where your toes would scratch the paint while standing on the bumper. Mike said “No Problem”. Mike and I discussed the additional cost (which to me was far lower than paying to have paint and rust damage repaired). The work began as soon as we were done discussing it.

I was able to watch most of the prep work and able to talk to Ben and Mike from a very safe distance outside of the work area. From start to finish I was amazed! Honestly, it took these two guys just under 2 hours to do my 8′ bed over the rails, and the addition of the custom work. It was incredible to watch, but what was more incredible was the finished product. I won’t lie, it’s not cheap, but based on what you get for your investment, LINE-X is worth every single penny. And, I never imagined that something so durable could make my truck look better but honestly, it did.

Thank you LINE-X, I will certainly recommend your product to all my friends (truck or no truck, the possibilities are endless), and “THANK YOU BEN AND MIKE AT LINE-X OF BALTIMORE”, I will certainly recommend they come see you guys!!!!”

R. Pettis – Baltimore, MD

“I just wanted to say I have 2 Dodge trucks, both had a drop in liner, I just bought my new 99 Ram and after seeing the job LINE-X did for another Dodge truck at the dealer, I was impressed. I only buy the best in trucks, and after having the product installed and already heavily used, I can say I have had only the best of bed protection installed. I also have had numerous comments and questions from the people I work with, not only did they love the Dodge truck but the thought the LINE-X liner was a perfect match in quality. Thank you to the LINE-X folks.”

Mike C. – San Jose, CA

“LINE-X is a great product!!! Last week my brother and I both had bed liners done in our trucks. I have a GMC 2500 HD and my brother has a Dodge 2500. Both trucks look absolutely gorgeous. The application was neat and clean and we were very happy with the results. We drove 62 miles one way from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to the LINE-X dealer and it was well worth the trip. We have many friends with trucks and will recommend LINE-X. Thank you for a great product.”

John K. – New Jersey, NY

“LINE-X is awesome! I had my ‘96 Tacoma’s bed sprayed two days ago and since then, I have received nothing but compliments on how good the job was done. I had a drop-in liner for three years, and was disgusted with the rattling and warping caused by the hot summer months. This summer rolled around and I decided it was time for a new investment. It’s strong, quiet, won’t warp, and looks great on my truck. I recommend LINE-X to anyone who wants a bed liner done right. Even my friend agrees, it has function as well as style.”

Will C. – Chesapeake, VA.

“I had my pick-up bed sprayed. The bed in this 3 year old truck had numerous scratches and I wanted to get something done before rust set in. I thought about repainting but the rest of the truck still looks new, So I decided to try LINE-X. I’m glad I did. It looks great and now I don’t have to worry about more scratches. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks LINE-X!”

D. Farris – Metairie, LA.

“I hauled three separate loads of roughly 1,100 lbs in the Tundra. Hauled it like a champ thanks to the self adjusting brake system. Notice the skid marks on the LINE-X, the fork lift operator set the pallette down trucknear the end of the bed and then pushed it over the axle. I panicked, but the LINE-X held up just fine!”

Mark L – Lafayette, LA

“This was my 2nd liner with LINE-X. First was on my 02 dodge by a gentleman in Tucson (Al’s LINE-X of Tucson). Just got my 04 HEMI Ram back from Brad in Littleton (LINE-X of S Metro Denver). All I can say is what a knock-out job he did. And when I get my next truck you better believe another LINE-X lining will be sprayed on that one. Best bed liner EVER!!”

John T. – Parker, CO

“I had my ’97 F150 4×4 LINE-Xed about 6 months ago. Very pleased. Was able to convince a couple of my buddies to have the same work done. LINE-X will always be an accessory for any truck I own.”

Matthew – McAllen, TX

“I have had 7 trucks and 7 different bed liners, including xyz liner. But nothing compares to LINE-X! The abuse it takes is unbelievable.”

A.S. – Andover, MA

“I bought a used 2000 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab 4×4 earlier this year. The truck was in superb condition inside and out, even came with a drop-in liner. After hauling some gravel I removed the bed liner to wash it out and make sure there was no gravel trapped in between the bed and the liner. Much to my dismay I discovered some type of epoxy had been spilled in the truck prior to the liner being put it. The chemicals had eaten through the paint in some places and made the bed look really bad. My brother had a LINE-X bed liner put in his 2000 Dodge Ram and suggested I look into it….The truck now looks great! Way better than before and I don’t ever have to worry about the previous damage to the bed again.”

A.S. – Andover, MA

Great place and great product.  I have had two trucks done at this place, and have had a total of Zero issues with them.  Phil is a great guy.  Love the new location.  Glad they were able to move.
I found Line-X Truck N Stuff  after I ordered items from Weather Tech. Line-X is a double Diamond Dealer for Weather Tech. Had I realized that I would have had Line-X order and install. Because Weather Tech did not send me the correct items for Side window shields they broke two times. LineX (Phil owner, Megan his daughter) were went above and beyond to help me out. They installed items that did not or would not work for me from Weather Tech. 
They were more than reasonable in the installation fees since I was at a stand still on my own trying to install all Weather Tech items I had purchased. I highly recommend these folks. Super people super company of integrity.


Great, great job. Very pleased. Got a,cheaper liner a few years ago on another truck. It dried and chalked and hardened terribly. Don’t skimp. Get Line-X and be satisfied. Thanks Phil for getting me in and the guys did a superb job in my awful tailgate.


This is a great family owned business. If you want you lineX for your truck or car go here. They also have a great number of covers and accessories. I can’t say enough about how much they have helped me when I need something done or fixed. Fantastic people and service.


Great family owned and operated company in the Plano area.  I got connected to this company through their excellent reviews on Yelp.  I am really close to the Mesquite LineX but chose to drive from Rockwall to Plano to get this done.  Megan was very professional, welcoming and very eager to earn my business….  which is something of a lost art.  She could have quickly giving me all the info I wanted on a sheet of paper and walked me out, but, she took the time to educate me about the product and they were able to get the job done in a very timely manor.  Great work and a superb product!!!